Nothing can be as frustrating as working hard only to stop seeing the results after some time. All people will reach a fitness plateau at one point or another of their fitness journey. You might stop building muscles or losing weight yet your body stays the same. This can be very discouraging and make you end up wasting your precious time.

How will you break through those fitness plateaus, then?

General Tips to Get Off Plateaus

  • Continue to increase your efforts.

Push heavier and run longer as much as you can. Sometimes, the only thing that holds you back is only psychological.

  • Go on a break.

There is a chance that your body is already too run down and tired to continue with your weight loss or muscle building goals. For this reason, you must give it some time to recover and rest. Take several days offer from the workout routines. You can also go for very light exercises if you like.

  • Make some changes.

If you don’t see any good gains with your muscle mass, try to do endurance training for several weeks. This will help you make more progress faster once you return to heavy lifting.

  • Opt for lesser rest.

You won’t make as much progress as you like if you rest too much in between sets or you let your heart rate to dip too low.

Tips to Overcome Your Weight Loss Plateaus

A weight loss plateau is probably the most difficult one to break through. Maybe you were already able to shed some weight and now, you don’t see any success in getting rid of the last few pounds. How will you break through these weight loss plateaus? Check out these tips that will help you achieve weight loss or burn fat.

  • Eat more.

It might sound a bit silly. However, lack of calories might be perceived by your body as a period of starvation and this can slow down your metabolism. Ensure that you don’t have an excessively low caloric intake to speed things up.

  • Don’t forget that it takes time to get rid of real fat.

If you already shed 10 to 20 pounds, you’ve just gotten rid of the easy stuff. The next step is for you to burn off the real fat or the stuff stored in your cells. This will take more time and results might be slower.

How to Beat Muscle Building Plateaus

Are you tired of lifting those heavy weights but you aren’t getting your dream muscles? The tips below will help you build those muscles at a steadier rate all over again:

  • Go for high intensity.

Go hard and fast instead of going for steady and slow lifts. This added intensity helps build muscle and burns off extra fat.

  • Use dumbbells.

You can form new muscles through switching the angle of your exercise to help them grow quickly and fairly.

  • Take some days off.

If you need to rest your muscles for one or two days, do so. Your muscles also need to rest so they can grow and lack of rest is probably the reason why you don’t see muscle growth.

It can be hard to get off your fitness plateaus but you can still deal with it the smart and easy way with the tips above!